Here 3 gorgeous RVs show off their Duckworks Landing Lights. Mike Wilson - RV4, Randall Henderson - RV6, Randy Lervold - RV-8


Nov 2016 - Due to Supply issues, the 70-Watt HID lights are no longer available.

Sept 2016 - the 3-LED lights are no longer available.

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WigWags - July 2016 - After continued issues with the supplier, we have designed and put into production a new, more powerful WigWag unit. We have units in stock.

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The new unit is still Light, is more Powerful, and retains the same wiring configuration - single switch for Off, On, Flash (and other switching options).

55W Halogen on right, new HID on left

Chris Williams (Sonex #732) was kind enough to send us this GREAT photo of his Sonex at Dusk.

The photo shows an original 55W Halogen on the right and an HID Upgrade on the left, both in the rectangular reflectors. All that light with less power and longer life!

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