Beech HID Light Upgrades

Thanks to the efforts of Mike Caban, a Baron owner, we 'had' a special ongoing 'Group Buy' on our Phillips 35W HID systems for Beechcraft owners. Our price is now as low as it can go, which is still a great deal for Beech owners.

Note that for Certificated aircraft you must get a 'Field Approval' for the installation of HID lights in place of the traditional Incandescent or Halogen lamps.

This should be fairly routine now, since these systems have been installed in many aircraft in the last few years. See Mike’s comments on approvals here,

Just to recap, the benefits of the HID lights over traditional lights are:

1 - They have no filament and are an 'energized gas' so they do not burn out.

2 - They are far brighter than any Halogen light. Many of my RV customers report that they can actually use the light to 'inspect' the runway while on final to make sure it is clear of obstructions, animals, etc.

3 - They only draw 3.2 Amps in steady on use, versus over 8 amps for a 100W lamp (at 14vdc). This low power draw plus the longevity of the lamp means you can have them on for anti collision all the time with no worries.

PLEASE go to our UPGRADES page to order these lights.

Phillips 35W High Intensity Discharge (HID) 'Xenon' Lights

  • Round reflector with an attached glass lens
  • Standard "Aircraft Landing Light" form factor
  • ‘Lifetime’ HID bulb (no filament to burn-out)
  • D1S type lamp/ballast
  • Extremely bright, white light, >320,000 candlepower!
  • Significantly less power consumption, just 35 watts (3a). Less heat generation
  • Tremendously Increased Ground/Taxi/Approach/Runway Visibility
  • Available in 14v and 28v DC versions
  • Available in PAR-36 (4") and PAR-46 (6") versions
  • This HID Light is NOT compatible with SOME 'Flasher' devices.
  • Because of the Flasher limitation we offer this version at a lower price point

Note - this is the Lamp and Ballast is for use when replacing an existing PAR-36/46 Light.

PLEASE specify 14 or 28v and PAR-36 or 46 (note that we have part numbers for 14 and 28v on our Upgrades Page).

Flood versions of these are available as well, but are not in stock. If you want Flood, just specify in your order, but note that I will not likely have that in stock which will add a week to delivery.

If you would like to pay by check - make the check payable to Duckworks. Send to:

Duckworks Aviation LLC, 51936 SE 5th, Scappoose OR 97056 (phone 503-310-5946)

For PayPal/CC, go to our Upgrades order page.


Order direct from Duckworks


Replace PAR-36 Lamp

Single Lamp - DW-LO-HIDU


Replace PAR-46 Lamp

Single Lamp - DW-LO-HIDU-PAR46



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